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Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
at the organization that zoo does most of the defense important people being evicted throughout the city we get a lot of clients from people on fixed incomes and social security who can't afford a market rate here in san francisco and often move out of the city and out of the state. it's a tremendous impact on seniors who have been perfect tenants for 20, 30 years and get thrown out. this is extremely important legislation to have the folks stay people want to live and to help them remain sense so, please we urge you to support. thank you >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm beverly upton i'm usually here as the executive director in the advocate for the rights of survivors of domestic violence survives. i'm here to keep everybody informed that my dear friend jackie and family are going to be ellised out of their flats we've been here 23 years. we've never been late on our rent any repairs have been passed through the rent boards to us. we've paid thousands of dollars of improvements to our building. but on october lovingly we were sent a letter i hopefully, you have it in front of you saying they're
Dec 4, 2013 1:00am PST
? and if there are any ld goals? >> >> the local advocacy community, and in our defense but also including the myriad of non-profit stake holers and it has us complying with volunteering to comply with the city's local hiring ordinance and commit to 25 percent of the arena construction jobs, and for the san francisco residents to provide the on-ramp and getting trained in the force and be able to build this arena. and quite exciting and we also entered into agreements with the current unions that operate over in oricle and to allow for the right of transfer for those workers currently in the local, and also, car check neutralty for the whole arena. we are still working through the lb out reach program and how we will engage with that stake holder community and where we are just starting to get going on that as we speak. >> and definitely, we look forward to hearing more about it. >> look forward to telling you more. thanks. >> i do want to say that i personally would love to see the warriors come back to san francisco and i think that it would be a great opportunity for us and i think that we need to
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
services provides which is nearly $8 million for the defense services for those who need it the most. some of those funds are coming from something we did last year the housing trust fund it was a measure overwhelming passed and to the tune of $1.5 billion in the next thirty years. we are also in the midst of revigil our cities public housing and no more than do we want to be involved in poverty housing that is for isolated context. i've been working with deputy and hud here in washington to get off the treadmill and repair bag logs including elevators and i've asked our city administrator also the director of housing to partner with hud and to rebiological and expand on the model that's the whole sf model. i'll proud of the process towards ending hopefullyness for our veterans. i want to thank you secretary john's and our local hud office veterans administration and for our partnership. since 2011 we've decreased homelessness among conveniences by thirty percent by opening the permanent housing for 75 conveniences with on site services and our two other successful homes for heroes. with t
Dec 8, 2013 10:30am PST
more on how this is legally defensible given the changes at the federal and new changes at the state level and how this is privately financed as well? >> sure supervisor mar. so as i mentioned and supervisor farrell also alluded to this, the statements from 2010 from the federal financing agency were statements of concern, and since those statements were released most residential pace programs including ours in san francisco basically suspended because there was some question as to what was really behind those statements. as supervisor farrell mentioned a number of residential pace programs have continued to operate even in light of that regulatory uncertainty and they actually have been quite successful and to everyone's knowledge none of those federal agencies have actually acted upon any of those statements that they had made in 2010. >> if they acted upon that means there was a fear a few years ago they might challenge different programs but they haven't done that over three years? >> correct. their position basically remains the same but their actions have not really followed
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
opinion do you think it would be wise for the government to move $80 million into the defense budget from the human and health budgets and for hud to build houses around the country. in your opinion do you think that is a wise move? >> mr. chairman, supervisor in my opinion there are a lot of things in the federal government i would like to look at but i don't want to make a decision at this point. >> it's a small part of the federal budget and we can request that. >> mr. rose are you saying it's a matter for that? >> maybe the federal government needs a budget analyst. >> i don't disagree. colleagues any other questions? at this point we will open it up for public comment. anyone wish to comment on item four? >> supervisors my name is douglas schaaf and i noted for the record the amount is listed and as i say what's a million here and a million there? it only matters if you're an actual taxpayer. it was noted it was previously granted through years 81 through 90. i notice nobody said how much money is involved there so i think that should be clarified. let's put it this way. if w
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)